Advanced methods, quick results

Skin Analysis at your fingertips

  • Validated built-in analysis methods, reliable results
  • Quantify topical product penetration over time
  • Valuable insights into the molecular composition of the skin
  • Reliable analysis process, with reproducible results in each analysis
  • Focus on your research with the certainty that your data analysis is accurate
  • No need to develop analysis methods
  • No need to tweak multiple analysis parameters with numerous iterations

Library of Calibrated Spectra

  • SkinTools’ Library of Calibrated Materials (LCM) contains the Raman spectra of materials commonly used in topical materials
  • Users can quickly select the constituents of their products
  • With each new SkinTools software update, new materials are added

Frequent Updates

RiverD releases frequent updates of SkinTools, which:

  • Expands data analysis features
  • Improves user experience
  • Leverages customer feedback to improve software
  • Adds new materials to the Library of Calibrated Materials

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