SkinTools 3

skin analysis at your fingertips

Use the advanced SkinTools 3-software to analyze your gen2-SCA data. With only a few clicks, molecular concentration profiles appear on your screen.

  • efficiently organize and analyze large data sets
  • analyze concentration and distribution of intrinsic skin constituents
  • monitor penetration of topically applied products
  • SkinTools 3 is continually updated with new features.

library of calibrated spectra

SkinTools 3 comprises a library of calibrated spectra of materials that are commonly used in topical products. These spectra are ready for use in quantitative analysis of skin penetration. SkinTools 3 also offers an easy-to-use tool that enables you to calibrate and add spectra of additional materials.

frequent updates

RiverD releases frequent updates of SkinTools 3, which:

  • add, improve and expand data analysis features
  • further streamline SkinTools 3 with the RiverICon measurement control software of the gen2-SCA, and
  • add new materials to the library of calibrated spectra

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