tumor surgery

Surgery is the treatment of choice for most solid tumors. Complete removal of the tumor is the aim. It provides the best prognosis and reduces the need for additional therapy. Unfortunately, the hands, eyes and experience of a surgeon often do not suffice to achieve this result.



RiverD is developing the MarginGuide-system. This dedicated Raman spectroscopic device is intended for assessment of tumor resection margins on the resected tissue.

It employs a thin fiber-optic needle to measure the distance between a resection surface and the tumor. This takes only a few seconds, which enables a thorough examination of all resection surfaces, while the patient is still in the operating room.

The MarginGuide-system reports locations of incomplete tumor resection. This provides the surgeon with the option to remove additional tissue to achieve complete tumor resection.

oral cavity cancer

Validation studies are currently underway for application in oral cavity cancer surgery, which is notorious for the very low percentage of complete tumor resections.

We expect the straightforward MarginGuide approach will be equally valuable for improving surgical procedures for other types of cancer.


Supported by the European Union’s Eurostars 2 programme