Oncological Surgery

Tumor excision is the gold standard treatment for most solid tumors. Complete resection is a key factor in preventing recurrences and overall survival. In a significant proportion of surgeries residual tumor is left in the patient, despite the best efforts and skill of the operating surgeon.



RiverD has developed the MarginGuide system. This dedicated Raman spectroscopic device provides a detailed assessment on the margins of resected tissue.

It employs a thin fiber-optic needle to measure the distance between a resection surface and the tumor. In just a few seconds it conducts a thorough examination of all resection surfaces, while the patient is still in the O.R.

The MarginGuide system reports the locations of incomplete resection, providing the surgeon with the option to resect additional tissue in order to achieve a complete resection.

Oral Cavity Cancer

Validation studies are currently underway for application in oral cavity cancer surgery, which is unfortunately notorious for a very low percentage of complete resections.

We expect the MarginGuide will be equally valuable to improve surgical treatment outcomes in other forms of cancer.


Supported by the European Union’s Eurostars 2 programme