fiber-optic Raman

fiber-optic Raman spectroscopy

Fiber-optic Raman spectroscopy holds tremendous promise for in vivo real-time tissue analysis, with potential applications in direct diagnosis, (endoscopic) biopsy guidance, and surgical guidance, including laparoscopic and robotic surgery. However, until now the choice of small and flexible fiber-optic probes which are required for such applications is very limited. They are complex, expensive, difficult to manufacture with reproducible performance, and hard to come by. This situation has held back development and broad clinical implementation of fiber-optic Raman spectroscopy for over 25 years.

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universal Raman-technology platform for fiber-optic tissue analysis

RiverD and art photonics are developing a universal Raman-technology platform for fiber-optic tissue analysis. It is a complete solution, comprised of a NIR-Raman module, a choice of affordable miniaturized flexible fiber-optic probes (which can be customized to your needs), and proprietary real-time data pre-processing.

overcoming hurdles

Our goal is to remove the technical hurdles and data-processing issues that might currently stand between you and your application.

Interested? Dreaming of high-quality, artefact-free in vivo tissue Raman spectra?

Let us know. We would love to hear about your applications and requirements.


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