gen2-SCA: Skin Composition Analyzer

in vivo skin analysis

The gen2-SCA is a highly sensitive confocal Raman system for in vivo skin analysis. The RiverICon instrument control software calculates and shows molecular concentration profiles during data collection. The SkinTools3 software is available for comprehensive offline data-analysis.

The gen2-SCA uses red and near-infrared laser light and complies with international standards for safe laser light exposure of the skin. All "Raman-expertise" is inside, which makes the gen2-SCA very easy-to-operate: switch on, auto-calibrate, and start collecting data.



Where can you measure with the gen2-SCA? Just place it on the window and measure it!

The most published in vivo Confocal Raman Spectroscopy system on the market for skin analysis with over 200 peer-reviewed publications