in vivo skin analysis


The gen2-SCA is a highly sensitive confocal Raman system for in vivo skin analysis.

  • Determine molecular concentration profiles from the skin surface into the dermis, in seconds to minutes, with high spatial resolution. 
  • Obtain information about the concentration and distribution of amino acids, sweat constituents, lipids, proteins, water, and topically applied materials.
  • Study penetration and transdermal delivery of topically applied materials.

Examples of applications are:

  • Water concentration profiles from skin surface to dermis in minutes 
  • Determination of Natural Moisturizing Factor concentration in the stratum corneum
  • Studies of the penetration of topically applied materials
  • Optimization of formulations for actives delivery


Watch this video to learn about the operation of the gen2-SCA and to see it in action!


The gen2-SCA has been custom-designed for rapid, non-invasive data collection from the skin, including the skin of the scalp and the axilla.

Data are analyzed in real-time. The instrument control software RiverICon calculates and shows molecular concentration profiles during data collection. SkinTools-software is available for comprehensive off-line data-analysis

The gen2-SCA uses red and near-infrared laser light and complies with international standards for safe laser light exposure of the skin.


SkinTools helps you to manage the analysis of large sets of Raman spectra in an efficient and user-friendly way, without requiring you to become a Raman expert. SkinTools 3 enables quantitative in vivo analysis of the penetration of topically applied products; a truly unique feature. This is a published method, click here for the article.

Watch the video to learn more about SkinTools and the possibilities for product penetration studies!



System Installation
gen2-SCA installations are carried out by trained service personnel, authorized by RiverD, who will also teach basic instrument operation and maintenance.

Operator Training
Two-day comprehensive operator training courses are organized 3 times per year at the RiverD-offices in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. For further information, contact RiverD or one of our local distributors. Also see 'Downloads & publications', the section below, for further information on the training course.

Services & Support
RiverD offers a range of services aimed at optimizing your gen2-SCA experience.

  • Remote Instrument Health Monitoring
  • Preferred access to spare parts
  • Study design / data analysis support

Downloads & publications

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