PPP - Perspectives in Percutaneous Penetration

when: from 21-4-2022 to 23-4-2022

where: La Grande Motte, France

The PPP meeting is a global forum for all those interested in skin permeation. Meet RiverD at the upcoming PPP for a test drive of the gen-2-SCA. The event will take place in La Grande Motte and will be a perfect opportunity to meet in person the RiverD scientists.

Reason to be interested: For academics it is important to know of the existence of the CRS technology and what you can do with it from research perspective – they should be able to make a good judgement of the value of CRS.

Text provided by organizers: For more than 30 years the PPP meeting has provided an invaluable global forum for interchange of information and ideas between all those interested in skin permeation.