Microscope Objectives

Microscope objectives for NIR-Raman spectroscopy

RiverD International offers a unique range of custom-designed microscope objectives for use in near-infrared Raman microspectroscopy.

Immersion Substrate/
cover glass  correction
distance [mm]
0.65 dry no 2.5 For upright microscope setup
0.85 dry no 2.5 For upright microscope setup
0.78 dry 0.8 mm fused silica 1.7 For inverted microscope setup
0.85 oil (n: 1.45) 0.5-1mm fused silica 1.5* For inverted microscope setup
1.2 oil (n: 1.45) 0.5-1mm fused silica 1.5* For inverted microscope setup


  • on-optical-axis diffraction limited design
  • achromatic design: 650-1000nm
  • transmission: >85% (650-1000nm)
  • lens materials selected for minimization of Raman/luminescent signal background
  • infinitely corrected
  • back aperture: 10mm
  • thread M25 x 0.75
  • objective design optimized for use with fused silica cover glasses/substratee


NIR achromatic (650-1000nm) custom-designed re-focusing lens, optimized for use with the range of objectives shown above (diameter: 25mm, focal length: 100 mm)

Recommended immersion oil/gel

Cargille fused silica matching liquid (code numbers: 50350, 06350) Cargille optical gel (code numbers 0607, 0608)


  • Raman objective customization
  • Raman objective design & production to customer specification
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